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Information about assembly Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-CAU-1.0    (also known as Mo17)
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Genome Sequencing Project Information

   De novo assembly of Mo17 through whole genome shotgun sequencing approach
   GenBank BioProject   PRJNA358298  
   Project PI   Jinsheng Lai
   Project start date   2017-03-01
   Release date   late 2017
   Publication status   Under review
Project reference Exceptional intra-specific gene order and gene structural variations between maize B73 and Mo17 genome. Silong Sun, Yingsi Zhou, Jian Chen, Junpeng Shi, Haiming Zhao, Hainan Zhao, Weibin Song, Mei Zhang, Yang Cui, Xiaomei Dong, Han Liu, Xuxu Ma, Yinping Jiao, Xuehong Wei, Joshua C. Stein, Jeff C. Glaubitz, Fei Lu, Guoliang Yu, Chengzhi Liang, Kevin Fengler, Bailin Li, Antoni Rafalski, Patrick S. Schnable, Doreen H. Ware, Edward S. Buckler, Jinsheng Lai

Stock and Biosample Information

Stock information
   Stock name   PI 558532 - Lai lab
   Stock record   47846
   Stock details   PI 558532 - Lai lab
   Stock provided by   Jinsheng Lai
Biosample information
   GenBank BioSample   SAMN06169745  
   Sample description   De novo assembly of Mo17 through whole genome shotgun sequencing approach
   Collection date   1-Mar-17
   Collected by   Jinsheng Lai
   Plant structure   Seedling

Sequencing and Assembly Information

   Assembly name   Zm-Mo17-REFERENCE-CAU-1.0
   Sequencing description   Sequencing technologies: PacBio+Illumina+Bionano
Sequencing method: PacBio, Illumina, IrysSolve
   Assembly description   Assembly methods: PacBio reads was assembled by Falcon to produce contigs, and Bionano optical maps was used to build scaffolds
Construction of pseudomolecules: yes
   Release date   late 2017
   Sequencing method   PacBio+Illumina+Bionano
   Finishing strategy   Draft genome
   Genome coverage   90x
Assembly statistics
   Longest scaff   32,100,000 bp
   Shortest scaff   1,000 bp
   N50 scaff length   10,200,000 bp
   Total contig length   2,150,000,000 bp
   Longest contig   7,260,000 bp
   Shortest contig   546 bp
   N50 contig length   1,480,000 bp
Longest scaffold in assembly.
Shortest scaffold in assembly.
The length of scaffold which takes the sum length (summing from longest to shortest scaffold) past 50% of the total assembly size.
Total sequence length represented by contigs.
The longest contig.
The shortest contig.
The length of contig which takes the sum length (summing from longest to shortest contig) past 50% of the total assembly size.
A contig is a contiguous consensus sequence that is derived from a collection of overlapping reads.
A scaffold is set of a ordered and orientated contigs that are linked to one another by mate pairs of sequencing reads.


   Annotation Identifier   Zm00014a.1