GBS (genotyping-by-sequencing) Search
The GBS search is a web portal to the genotype tools and data developed at Panzea. This tool has 3 steps: (1) Choose a diversity dataset (e.g. AllZeaGBSv27). (2) Press the 'Query Genotyping Data' button, select the region of the genome, taxa, and outout format. (3) The tool returns the SNPs and indels for each taxa in the selected region of the genome.

Enabling Panzea Genotype Searches
In order for Panzea's Genoytpe Search or GBS Genotype Search to work, your browser settings must enable third party cookies. These are disabled by default in Safari, and may be disabled in other browsers depending on your security settings. Below we explain how to temporarily enable third party cookies in Safari 8.0.4. These can be enabled in other browsers by performing the analogous actions.

How to (temporarily) enable third party cookies in Safari 8.0.4
1. Click on "Safari|Preferences..."
2. Navigate to the "Privacy" tab.
3. Under "Cookies and website data:" click on "Always allow".
4. Perform your Panzea Genotype or GBS Genotype Search.
5. When you are finished, go back to "Preferences" and restore the previous privacy setting (e.g., "Allow from websites I visit").