MaizeGDB Gene Symbols

The following is a list of 1181 gene symbols used throughout this database. Use this list to aid in the naming of new genes that you discover.

Gene Symbol Meaning
a anthocyaninless
aaa adenosylmethionine aminotransferase
aap acylaminoacyl-peptidase
aasr abscisic acid stress ripening
aba abscisic stress protein
abbt aberrant seedling
abc ABC (yeast)
abcf ABC family
abh abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase
abp auxin binding protein
abph aberrant phyllotaxy
abs abnormal stomates
acb Acyl-CoA-binding protein
acc acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase
acco ACC oxidase
ache acetylcholinesterase
aco aconitase
acp acid phosphatase
acpt acyl carrier protein
acs 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase
act actin
ad adherent
ada adherent anthers
add alternative discordia
adf actin depolymerizing factor
adh alcohol dehydrogenase
adk adenylate kinase
adr alcohol dehydrogenase regulator
adss adenylosuccinate synthetase
adxr adrenodoxin reductase
ae amylose extender
aec aminoethyl-L-cysteine resistant
afd absence of first division
ago argonaute
agp ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase
agpsl ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit leaf
agt agravitropic
ahh adenosyl homocysteine hydrolase
aic auxin import carrier
aip auxin induced protein
ak Adenylyl-sulfate kinase
akh aspartate kinase-homoserine dehydrogenase
akin AKINbetagamma-1 protein kinase
akr aldo/keto reductase
al albescent plant
ald aldolase
aldh aldehyde dehydrogenase
alh histone Ia
alh1 aldolase histone
alm aluminum tolerance
alp aluminum-induced protein
alpha a1 locus component (see beta)
als acetolactate synthase
alt L-alanine:2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase
am ameiotic
ami amidase
amo amine oxidase
amp aminopeptidase
amy amylase
amya alpha amylase
an anther ear
ane androgenic embryo
ani anionic peroxidase
anl anthocyaninless lethal
anr anthocyanin regulator
ans anthranilate synthase homolog
ant adenine nucleotide translocator
ao aldehyde oxidase
aoc allene oxide cyclase
aox alternative oxidase
aph aphid resistance
apo accumulation of photosystem one
app abnormal phragmoplast formation
aprl adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like
aprt adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
aps ATP sulfurylase
apt aberrant pollen transmission
apx ascorbate peroxidase
ar argentia
ara ras-related protein
arf ADP-ribosylation factor
arpp 60S acidic ribosomal protein
as asynaptic
asc asceapen
ask aspartate kinase
asn Zea asparagine synthetase
asp absence of meiotic spindle
asr absence of seminal roots
asrp arginine/serine-rich splicing factor1
atc anthocyanin
atn anaerobic tolerant null
atp ATP synthase subunit
atp ATPase
atpc ATP synthase gamma subunit
ats atrazine susceptible
az alpha zein
b colored plant
ba barren stalk
bad branch angle defective
baf barren stalk fastigate
bap basal layer antifungal protein
bas beta alanine synthase
bd branched silkless
bde bearded-ear
bdg beta-D-glucosidase
ben bentazon resistance
bet glycinebetaine
beta a1 locus component (see alpha)
betl basal endosperm transfer layer
bf blue flourescent
bgaf beta glucosidase aggregating factor
bif barren influorescence
bip BiP
bk brittle stalk
bl blotched
blc bilateral coleoptile
blh bleached
blk bladekiller
blmb bleached midrib
bm brown midrib
bn brown aleurone
bnk brown kernel
br brachytic
brd brassinosteroid-deficient dwarf
brk brick
brn brown kernel
brs brassinosteroid synthesis
brt brown roots
brta branched tassel
bs barren sterile
bsd bundle sheath defective
bss bundle sheath strands specific
bt brittle endosperm
btf BTF3 homolog
btn brittle node
bu leaf burn
bv brevis plant
bx benzoaxin
bz bronze
bzip bZIP transcription factor
c colored aleurone
caat CAAT box binding protein
cad cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase
caf crs2 associated factor
cah carbonic anhydrase
cal calmodulin
cap calcium pump
car cold acclimation response
cas cycloartenol synthase
cat catalase
cax calcium exchanger
cb crossbanded
cbbp CXC domain b1- repeat binding protein
cbp calmodulin binding protein
cca circadian clock associated
ccamk calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase
ccd carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase
ccp cysteine protease
ccr cytochrome c reductase
cct CO CO-LIKE TIMING OF CAB1 protein domain
cda cytidine deaminase
cdc cell division control
cdh cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase
cdj chaperone DNA J
cdpk calcium-dependent protein kinase
cef Zea CEFD homolog
cen centromeric histone
cen centromere
cenp centromere protein
cesa cellulose synthase
cf camouflage
cfl complementary to fl
cfr coupling factor
cg corngrass
cgl Colletotrichum graminicola resistance
cgs cystathionine gamma-synthase
cgx chloroplast gene expression
ch chocolate pericarp
chd chromatin remodeling complex subunit D
che chromatin complex subunit E (Snf5)
chi chalcone flavanone isomerase
chld Mg chelatase D
chm chlorophyll-mutable
chn chitinase
chr chromatin complex subunit
chs chitin synthase
cif cross-incompatibility (female)
cim cross-incompatibility (male)
cip cytokinin inducible protease
ck casein kinase
cka CK2 protein kinase alpha
ckb CK2 regulatory subunit B1
cko cytokinin oxidase
cks CMP-KDO synthetase
cl chlorophyll
cla colorless aleurone
clb club tassel
cld cold regulated protein homolog
clf colorless floury
clh histone lc
clm cl modifier
clp CLP protease
clpp chloroplast protease complex
clt clumped tassel
clx calnexin
cm chloroplast modifier
cmpt compressed top
cms cytoplasmic male sterility
cms cytoplasmic male sterility
cmt cyanidin MRP transporter
cncr cinnamoyl CoA reductase
cnh carbon-nitrogen hydrolase homolog
cnr Cell Number Regulator
conz constans
cop coatomer protein
cox cytochrome c oxidase
cox cytochrome c oxidase
cp collapsed kernel
cpc clear patches
cpn chaperonin
cppo Chloroplast DNA polymerase
cpps copalyl diphosphate synthase
cprps chloroplast ribosomal protein
cps chloroplast protein synthesis
cptk chloroplast thymidine kinase
cpx coproporphyrinogen III oxidase
cr crinkly leaves
crk calcium-dependent protein kinase-related kinase
crp chloroplast RNA processing
crr cytokinin response regulator
crs chloroplast RNA splicing
crt calreticulin
crti carotene isomerase
crup CruP paralog
cry cryptochrome
csmd callose somatic and microspore defect
csp white spot
csr chloroplast srp receptor
csy chloroplast SecY
ct compact plant
cta chitinase A
ctb chitinase B
ctn caltractin
cto cob turned out
cts citrate synthase
cx catechol oxidase
cyc cyclin
cyp cytochrome P450
cys cysteine synthase
czog cis-zeatin O-glucosyltransferase
d dwarf
da dilute aleurone
dap dappled aleurone
dar monodehydroascorbate reductase
dba DNA binding activity
dbcb double cob
dbf DRE-binding protein
dcd discordia
dcl dicer-like
dcr defective crown
de defective endosperm
dek defective kernel
dep defective pistils
der derlin
des defective seedling
dfr dihydroflavonoid reductase
dgat diacyglycerol acyltransferase
dge dark green erect
dgr distorted growth
dhar dehydroascorbate reductase like
dhn dehydrin
dhr dhurrinase
dia diaphorase
dib dichotomously branched
dil dilute aleurone
dis distichous tassel
dla dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase
dlf delayed flowering
dlo drooping leaf ortholog
dmt DNA methyl transferase
dnj defective navajo
dnp diphosphonucleotide phosphatase
dnt dent
dof DNA binding with one finger
dp distal pale
dps dihydrodipicolinate synthase
drh DEAD box RNA helicase
dsc discolored kernel
dst distorted
dsy desynaptic
dts aspartyl-tRNA synthetase
du dull endosperm
dv divergent spindle
dvd developmental disaster
dwil dwarf & irregular leaf
dxr deoxy xylulose reductoisomerase
dxs deoxy xylulose synthase
dy desynaptic
dzr delta zein regulator
dzs delta zein structure
e esterase
ea egg apparatus
ebe embryo-sac basal-endosperm layer embryo-surrounding-region
ech enoyl-CoA hydratase
eg expanded glumes
egt endosperm glutelin
eIF eucaryotic initiation factor
eif elongation initiation factor
eil ethylene insensitive-like
ein ethylene insensitive
eks ent-kaurene synthase
el elongate
elf elongation factor
elf elongation factor
elm elongated mesocotyl
emb embryo specific
embp EM binding protein
emp empty pericarp
end early nodulin
endo endosperm specific protein
eng endo-1,3-1,4-beta-D-glucanase
eno enolase
enp endopeptidase
enr enhancement of r
eoh E. coli orgin of replication
epc early phase change
eps enolpyruvylshikimate phosphate synthase
erl early
ers enhancer of rough sheath
es embryo sac
esp embryo specific protein
esr embryo surrounding region
et etched
eta extended auricle
etr ethylene receptor homolog
exg exoglucanase
expa alpha expansin
expb beta expansin
f fine stripe
fab fatty acid biosynthesis
fad fatty acid desaturase
fae fasciated ear
fak fructosamine kinase homolog
fas fascicled ear
fat fatty acyl thioesterase
fbn fibrillin
fbr few-branched
fcr ferric-chelate reductase (NADH)
Fcu Factor Cuna
fd faded
fdad false DAD
fdh formaldehyde dehydrogenase
fdl fused leaves
fdx ferredoxin
fea fasciated ear
fer ferritin
ffa free fatty acid
ffm filifolium
fgp folylpolyglutamate synthetase
fgs ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase
fht flavanone 3-hydroxylase
fie fertilization independent endosperm
fl floury endosperm
flk flecked
fls flavonol synthase
flta floppy tassel
fnr ferredoxin NADP reductase
fop frequency of paramutation
fps farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase
frk fructokinase
frz frazzled
ftr ferredoxin-thioredoxin
fus fusca
fw fuzzy-wuzzy
fz frizzled
g golden plant
ga gametophyte factor
gams gametophytic male sterile
gap Golgi associated protein
gar gibberellin responsive
gbf G-box binding factor
gbp GTP binding protein
gbss granule-bound starch synthase
gcb GC binding protein
gcsh glycine cleavage system protein H
gdcp glycine decarboxylase
gdh glutamic dehydrogenase
geb glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase
geo geotropism
gfa glucosamine fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase
ggi gynogenesis inducer
ggps geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase
gi gigantea
gl glossy
gla beta-glucanase
glb globulin
glct glucose translocator
gld gnarled
gldh galactono lactone dehydrogenase
glk G2-like
gln glutamine synthetase
glnec glossy necrotic
glo globby
glp germin-like protein
glt glucosidase-transferase
glu beta-glucosidase
glx glyoxalase
glx glyoxylase1 go1
gly glycine
gm germless
gn gnarly
gol goliath
gols galactinol synthase
gos GOS2
got glutamate-oxaloacetate transaminase
gpa glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
gpb glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase B
gpc glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase C
gpdh glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
gpn glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehygrogenase N
gpt glucose 6-phosphate/phosphate translocator
gras GRAS domain family
grf general regulatory factor
grp glycine-rich protein
grt green tip
grx glutaredoxin
gs green stripe
gsf gynomonoecious
gsh gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase
gsht glutathione transporter
gsr glutathione reductase
gss starch synthase
gst glutathione S-transferase
gt grassy tillers
gtl gritty leaf
gtr glutamyl-tRNA reductase
gutD glucitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
gz gamma zein
gzr gamma zein modifier
gzs Gibberella zea silk mediated resistance
h soft starch
had histone deacetylase
hag histone acetyl transferase
hat histone acetyltransferase
hb hemoglobin
hbt teosinte haemoglobin
hcf high chlorophyll fluorescence
hda histone deacetylase
hdr highly disease-resistant
hds hydroxymethylbutenyl diphosphate synthase
hdt histone deactylase HD2-type
hex hexokinase
hfi corn-activated Hageman factor inhibitor
hie high ear
hir hypersenstive induced response
his histone
his1a histone 1a
his2a histone 2a
his2b histone 2b
hk histidine kinase
hm Helminthosporium carbonum susceptibility
hmg high mobility group protein
hmp humpback
hmt homocysteine S-methyltransferase
hon histone one (H1)
hopi hopi r1/b1 family member
hox homeobox
hp histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein
hpl hydroperoxide lyase
hppd 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase
hrbp harpin binding protein
hrg hydroxyproline rich glycoprotein
hs hairy sheath
hsbp herbicide safener binding protein
hscf heat shock complementing factor
hsf hairy sheath frayed
hsk high-sulfur keratin
hsp heat shock protein
hstf heat shock transcription factor
ht Helminthosporium turcicum resistance
htm Exserohilum turcicum Mayorbela resistance
htn Helminthosporium turcicum resistance
htz high tryptophan zein
hvp human viral protein
hxa histone acetyltransferase complex component
hyd hydroxylase
hyp hybrid proline-rich protein
iaglu indol-3-ylacetyl glucosyl transferase
ial ig1-as2 like
ibn inhibitor of bn
ibp initiator binding protein
icl isocitrate lyase
id indeterminate growth
idc iron deficiency candidate
idd ID1 domain
idh isocitrate dehydrogenase
ids indeterminate spikelet
ifa indeterminate floral apex
ig indeterminate gametophyte
igl indole-3-glycerol phosphate lyase
ij iojap striping
ijmos iojap mosaic
im30p IM30 protein homolog
imd isopropylmalate dehydrogenase
imp importin
in intensifier
inc inclination
incw cell wall invertase
inr inhibitor of R
ipp isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase
irl isoflavone reductase-like
is cupulate interspace
iso isoamylase-type starch debranching enzyme
isp iron-sulfur protein
isr inhibitor of striate
ivr invertase
j japonica striping
kan kanadi
kas kaurene synthase
kcbp kinesin-like calmodulin binding protein
kch potassium channel
kds CMP-KDO synthetase
kik kinase interacting kinase
kin knotted1 induced
kip knotted interacting protein
kn knotted
knox knotted related homeobox
kpp kinase associated protein phosphatase
kri ketol-acid reductoisomerase
krp kinesin-related protein
ks kaurene synthase
l luteus
la lazy plant
lac lachrima
lag lowered Ac/Ds germinal reversion
lbl leaf bladeless
lc red leaf color
Lcb cyclin type B-like transcript
lcm similarity to lc at marbled
lcs thylakoid membrane polypeptide
lct thylakoid membrane polypeptide
lcye lycopene epsilon-cyclase
ldp luminidependens protein
lec LEC1 transcription factor
leg legumin
lem lethal embryo mutant
lep leopard spotting
les lesion
lfy leafy
lg liguleless
lgn liguleless narrow
lh light harvesting
lhc light harvesting complex
lhy late hypocotyl elongation protein ortholog
li lineate leaves
lil lilliputian
lip low temperature-induced protein
lkrsdh lysine-ketoglutarate reductase/saccharopine dehydrogenase
ll lethal
lld lethal dwarf
lls lethal leaf spot
lm lemon aleurone
lmes long mesocotyl
ln linoleic acid
lnec luteus necrotic
lo lethal ovule
loc low oil content in kernel
lon LON peptidase
lop lo1 p1 allergen
lox lipoxygenase
lp lethal pollen
lpa low phytic acid
lpe leaf permease
lpr large primary root
lrk Ser/Thr receptor-like kinase
lrs liguleless related sequence
lrt lateral rootless
lsn large scutellar node
lsp loose pericarp
ltk leucine-rich transmembrane protein kinase
lty light yellow endosperm
lu lutescent
lw lemon white
lxm lax midrib
lyce lycopene epsilon cyclase
mac multiple archesporial cells
mads MADS
maf MPF1 attachment factor
mas malate synthase
mat maturase
mate multidrug and toxic compound extrusion
matK maturase K
mat-r maturase related
mbd methyl binding domain
mbf multi-protein bridging factor
mc mucronate
mch maize CRY1 homolog
mct modifier of cox2 transcripts
mde mouse DNA EBV homolog
mdh malate dehydrogenase
mdm maize dwarf mosaic virus resistance
mdr maternal derepression of R
me NADP malic enzyme
meg maternally expressed gene
mei meiosis
mek MEK
mel maternal effect lethal
mep modifier of embryo protein
met DNA methyl transferase
mez enhancer of zeste
mfs male flower specific
mfsd major facilitator superfamily defense
mg miniature germ
mgp small GTP binding protein
mgs male gametophyte specific
mha membrane H(+)-ATPase
mhl macrohairless
mip major intrinsic membrane protein
mir maize insect resistance
mkk mitogen-activated protein kinase
mlg lea protein group
mlip maize low temperature-induced protein
mlo barley mlo defense gene homolog
mmm modifier of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenases
mmt methionine S-methyltransferase
mn miniature seed
mop modifier of paramutation
mot mottling factor
mph modifier of phototropism
mpk MAP kinase
mpl miniplant
mpt mitochondrial phosphate transporter
mrl midribless
mrp Myb related protein
mrpa multidrug resistance protein associated
mrpi MRP interacting
ms male sterile
msc mosaic
msf mRNA splicing factor
msh male sterile homolog
mss MSS1 homolog
mssi male sterile silky
mst modifier of R1-st1
mstr monosaccharide transporter
msv maize streak virus tolerance
mt mottled plant
mta ribosomal protein
mtf methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
mthr methionine synthase
mtl metallothionein
mtr methyltryptophan resistant
mu mutator
mudrA Mu transposase candidateA
mudrB Mu geneB
muk Mu killer
mus MutS homolog
mv resistance to maize mosaic virus
mwp milkweed pod
myb myb transcription factor
myg maternal yellow-green
myo myosin
na nana plant
naat nicotianamine aminotransferase
nac NaCl stress protein
nad NADH ubiquinone oxidoreductase
nas nicotianamine synthase
nat N-acetyl transferase
nbp nucleic acid binding protein
Nc near-colorless
nc near colorless
nced nine-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase
ncsr necrotic streaks
ndh non-dehiscent
ndk nucleotide diphosphate kinase
ndt needletip
nec necrotic
nf nucleosome/chromatin asssembly factor
nfy NF-YB homolog
nhx Na+/H+ antiporter
nii nitrite reductase
nip NOD26-like membrane intrinsic protein
nit nitrilase
nj navajo
nl narrow leaf
nld narrow leaf dwarf
nnr nitrate reductase (NADH)
nrt nitrate transport
nrx nucleoredoxin
ns narrow sheath
nsf nicosulfuron susceptible
ntf nuclear transport factor
nthr anther-specific protein1
o opaque endosperm
obf octopine synthase binding factor
ocl outer cell layer
odc ornithine decarboxylase
odo alpha keto dehydrogenase candidate
oec oxygen evolving complex
og old gold stripe
ohp opaque2 hterodimerizing protein
olc oleic acid content
ole oleosin
omt Caffeoyl CoA O-methyltransferase
opr 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid reductase
ora orange endosperm
orc origin recognition complex
ork outward rectifying potassium channel
oro orobanche
orom orobanche modifier
orp orange pericarp
orrm organelle RRM protein
os opaque-endosperm, small germ
ost oligosaccharide transferase
oy oil yellow
p pericarp color
pa pale aleurone
pac pale aleurone color
pal phenylalanine ammonia lyase
pam plural abnormalities of meiosis
pan pangloss
pao polyamine oxidase
parp poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase
pb piebald leaves
pba PBA1 homolog1
pbf prolamin-box binding factor
pbp promoter binding protein
pc plasmacytoma like
pck phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase
pcna proliferating cell nuclear antigen
pcr protochlorophyllide reductase
pd paired rows
pdc pyruvate decarboxylase
pdf thylakoid membrane polypeptide
pdh pyruvate dehydrogenase
pdi protein disulfide isomerase
pdk pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase
pdlk pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) kinase
pds phytoene desaturase
pe perennialism
pebp phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein
pep phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase
pet photosynthetic electron transport
pex pollen extensin-like
pfk phosphofructose kinase
pg pale green
pgd 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase
pgl polygalacturonase
pglf pale green leaf edge
pgm phosphoglucomutase
pgnc pale green necrotic
pgsm pale green small
pgty pale green tiny
pgv pale green virescent
ph pith abscission
phb prohibitin
phi phosphohexose isomerase
pho phosphate regulatory homolog
phot blue-light receptor phototropin
php chloroplast phosphoprotein
phs poor homologous synapsis
pht phosphate transporter protein
phy phytochrome
phys phytase
pi pistillate florets
piip physical impedance induced protein
pin PIN-formed homolog
pip plasma membrane intrinsic protein
pk protein kinase
pki protein kinase inhibitor
pks polyketide synthesis
pl purple plant
pld phospholipase D
ploc plastocyanin homolog
pls phospholipid synthesis
plt phospholipid transfer protein
pm pale midrib
pme pectin methylesterase
pmg phosphoglycerate mutase
pmp peroxisomal membrane protein homolog
pmpm proteolipid membrane potential regulator
pn papyrescent glumes
po polymitotic
poln pollen specific mRNA
pop organelle permease
por porin
pox fowlpox viral protein
ppg pale palegreen
ppi peptidyl-prolyl isomerase
ppo polyphenol oxidase
ppp pyrophosphate-energized proton pump
ppr pentatricopeptide repeat protein
ppr pentatricopeptide repeat
pr red aleurone
prc proteasome component
prcw proline rich cell wall protein
pre premature senescence
prf prolifin
prg pitted rough germless
prh protein phosphatase
prl protease PrlC candidate
pro proline responding
propep precursor elicitor peptide
prp pathogenesis-related protein1
prpo protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase
prr putidaredoxin reductase
ps pink scutellum
psa photosystem I subunit
psa photosystem I
psb photosystem II
psei cystatin
psk phytosulfokine peptide precursor
psl position shift locus
psm pollen specific mRNA
psy phytoene synthase
pt polytypic ear
ptc patches
ptd pitted endosperm
ptf Pi starvation-induced transcription factor
ptk protein kinase
pun plastids undifferentiated
pur pollen ubiquitin regulator
pve puncate vascular expression
px peroxidase
py pygmy plant
pyg pale yellow green
pyk pyruvate kinase
pyrd pyrimidine deaminase
pyrr pyrimidine reductase riboflavin
qsox thiol oxidoreductase
r colored
ra ramosa
rab responsive to abscisic acid
rac RAC GTPase
rad RAD DNA repair protein
raf Rubisco Assembly Factor
ras ras related protein
rbap WD-repeat protein
rbg receptor of bg
rc root cap
rca RUBISCO activase
rcm rectifier
rcp root cap protein
rcu receptor of Fcu
rd reduced plant
rdr RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
rDt receptor of dotted
rea red embryonic axis
ref reduced floury endosperm
rel ramosa1 enhancer locus
rem recessive enhancer of maysin
ren reduced endosperm
rep transcription repressor maize protein
rf restorer of fertility
rfa replication factor A
rfz rat frizzled
rg ragged leaves
rgd ragged seedling
rgf reduced grain filling
rgh rough kernel
rgo reversed germ orientation
rgp ras-related protein RGP
rh RNA helicase
rhm resistance to Helminthosporium maydis
rhn ras-related protein
ri rind abscission
ric ras-related protein
rif r-interacting factor
rip ribosome-inactivating protein
ris iron-sulfur protein
rlc rindless culm
rld rolled leaf
rli rough lineate
rmr required to maintain repression
rMut receptor of Mut
rnc ribonuclease III domain protein
rnp RNA binding protein
roa replication origin activator
rop Rho-related protein from plants
rp resistance to Puccinia sorghi
rpd RPD3 histone deacetylase
rph RNase PH
rpl ribosomal protein L
rpo RNA polymerase II
rpot RNA polymerase T phage-like
rpp acidic ribosomal protein
rps ribosomal protein S
rrb related to retinoblastoma
rs rough sheath
rso rf2a's significant other
rsp reduced soluble protein
rt rootless
rtc RTCS-like
rtcs root deficient
rth roothair defective
rtp Zea root preferential
rul rum1-like
rum rootless with undetectable meristems
ruq receptor of Uq
rws RNA recognition water-stress protein
rxo reaction to X. oryzae
sad shikimate dehydrogenase
saf safener induced
sal supernumerary aleurone
sam S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
sar SAR homolog
sat serine acetyltransferase
saur small auxin up RNA
sbd sunburned
sbe starch branching enzyme
sbip small basic membrane intrinsic protein
sbp SBP-domain protein
Sc self-color
sc self-color
sca short chain alcohol dehydrogenase
sci subtilisin-chymotrypsin inhibitor homolog
scl scarecrow-like
scm self-colored marbled
scmv resistance to sugarcane mosaic virus
scr scarred
scro scarecrow
sdb spermidine binding protein
sdh sorbitol dehydrogenase
sdw semi dwarf plant
se sugary-enhancer
sed senescence-diminished
see senescence-enhanced
seg segregation
sem semaphore
sen soft endosperm
ser seryl-tRNA synthetase
serk somatic embryogenesis receptor-like kinase
sfb SF1 binding protein
sfp sulfate permease
sft small flint type
sg silencing gene
sg string cob
sgo shugosin centromeric cohesion
sgsp single spike
sh shrunken
shbp sedoheptulose bisphosphatase
shlr short lateral roots
shp short plant
shpl shepherd-like
shr shredded leaf
sht susceptible to H. turcicum
shv shriveled
si silky
sid sister of indeterminate spikelet
sig sigma factor
sin sin homolog
sip stress-induced protein
sk silkless ears
skb suppressor of kernel blotching
sks suppressor of KYS sterility
sky skimpy plant
sl slashed leaves
sln sister of liguleless narrow
slr short lateral root
sm salmon silk
smd suppressor of meotic drive
smh single myb histone
smk small kernel
sml shoot meristemless
smp small plant
sms small seedling
smt sterol methyltransferase
smu suppressors of mec-8 and unc-52 (C.elegans)
sn scutellar node color
snm sporophyte enhancer of mel
so sulfite oxidase
sod superoxide dismutase
sos Suppressor of sessile spikelets
spb suppressor of plant blotching
spc speckled
spem sporophytic enhancer of mel
spi sparse inflorescence
spk speckled kernel
spp sucrose-phosphatase
spr signal recognition particle receptor
sps sucrose phosphate synthase
spt spotted
sqs squalene synthase
sqsh squalene synthase homolog
sr striate leaves
srk S-receptor kinase
srt sirtuin
ss starch synthase
ssl slow second leaf
ssu RUBISCO small subunit
st sticky chromosome
stAc stabilized Activator
stac stabilized activator
stb stubby
stc sesquiterpene cyclase
stf stiff
stg stay green
sth serine-threonine protein kinase
stk streaked
stm stomatin
stp sugar transport
stt stunter
su sugary
sum siroheme uroporphyrinogen methyltransferase
sun SUN domain protein
sup suppressor
sur sulfonylurea herbicide response
sus sucrose synthase
sut sucrose transporter
sw Stewart's wilt resistance
sxd sucrose export defective
sy yellow scutellum
ta transaminase
tacs terminal acidic SANT
taf transcription associated factor
tan tangled
tap translocon-associated protein
tar tryptophan aminotransferase related
tb teosinte branched
tbp TATA-binding protein
tcb teosinte crossing barrier
tcl tapetal cell layer
tcp thiamine diphosphate carrier protein
tcrr transfer cell response regulator
tct translationally controlled tumor
td thick tassel dwarf
tdy tie-dyed
te terminal ear
tel terminal ear-like
tfIIB transcription initiation factor
tga teosinte glume architecture
tgd dTDP-glucose dehydratase
tgz transglutaminase
tha thylakoid assembly
thc thiocarbamate sensitive
thi thiamine biosynthesis
thl thiolase
thp thiol protease
thr threonine synthase
tif translation initiation factor
tip tonoplast intrinsic protein
tk transketolase
tl tasselless
tla transparent leaf area
tlk tousled protein kinase
tlr tillered
tm transmembrane protein
tnp transposase
tnp transposase
toc translocon at outer membrane of chloroplast
tola tola protein
tp teopod
tpase transposase of Ac
tpe thin pericarp
tpi triose phosphatase isomerase
tpm thylakoid peptide modifier
tps terpene synthase
tpt triose phosphate translocator
tr two-ranked ear
tra transcriptional coactivator ADA
trap transposon associated protein
trg trigonelline
trh thioredoxin h
trm thioredoxin M
trn torn
trnl mitochondrial tRNA
trp tryptophan synthase
trps trehalose-6-phosphate synthase
tru tassels replace upper ears
ts tassel seed
tsa tryptophan synthase alpha subunit
tsc tar spot complex
tsh tassel sheath
tsip tasselseed2 interacting protein
tu tunicate
tua alpha tubulin
tub beta tubulin
tubg gamma tubulin
tufc elongation factor, chloroplast
tufm elongation factor TU mitochondrial
tus tufted silky
ty tiny plant
ub unbranched
ubi ubiquitin
ubr ubiquitin receptor
uce ubiquitin conjugating enzyme
uck UMP/CMP kinase
ufo unstable factor for orange
ugp UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase
ugu UTP-glucose-P-uridyltransferase
umi ustilago maydis induced
url upright leaf angle
uro urmodulin
v virescent
va variable sterile
vacs vacuolar sorting receptor homolog
vdac voltage-dependent anion channel protein
vde violaxanthin de-epoxidase
vg vestigal glume
vms virescent mosaic
vp viviparous
vpe vacuolar processing enzyme
vpp vacuolar proton pump
vpsh vacuolar protein sorting homolog
vsi variable short internodes
vsr virescent striped
vt vanishing tassel
w white seedling
wab waxy auricles in blades
wc white cap
wcr wandering carpel
wgs white green sectors
whm white margin
whp white pollen
whv white veins
why whirly
wi wilted
wip wound inducible protein
wl white luteus
wlv white leaf-virescent
wox WUSCHEL related homeobox
wr wrinkled kernel
wri WRI1 transcription factor
wrk wrinkled kernel
wrp wrinkled plant
wrt wrinkled top
ws white sheath
wsm wheat streak mosaic virus resistance
wsp weak streaked plant
wst white stripe
wt white tip
wtf what's this factor
wx waxy
wyg white yellow green seedling
x putative transcription factor
xcl extra cell layers
xet xyloglucan endotransglycosylase
xth xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase/hydrolase
xyl xylanase
y yellow endosperm
yab yabby
yd yellow dwarf
yel yellow seedling
yg yellow green
ygzb yellow green zebra
ypt ypt homolog
ys yellow stripe
ysk yellow streak
y-vp white viviparous
yy yin-yang
z1A alpha zein
zag Zea agamous homolog
zap Zea apetaia homolog
zb zebra
zb zebra crossbands
zcef Zea CEFD
zds zeta carotene desaturase
zem Zea endosperm MADS box
zen zea centroradialis homolog
zep zeaxanthin epoxidase
zfl Zea floricula leafy
zfp putative zinc finger protein
zg zig-zag
zg zig-zag
zim Zea IM30 protein homolog
zl zygotic lethal
zlp zeamatin-like protein
zmh Zea mouse H58 homolog
zmm Zea mays MADS
zms Zea male sterile protein
zn zebra necrotic
zn zebra necrotic
znf zinc finger protein
znod Zea nodulation homolog
zp zein alpha protein
zpg zebra-stripe pale green
zpl zein protein
zpu pullulanase-type starch debranching enzyme
zqm Zea QM1 homolog
zrp Zea root protein
zta Zea TAT binding protein