The MaizeGDB Pedigree Viewer

The MaizeGDB Pedigree Viewer is developed to display pedigree relationships between maize lines in a network representation. The Viewer is based on a pedigree network of 4706 maize lines that are currently available in the MaizeGDB Stock Pages. The tool allows the user to apply a number of filters, select or upload their own breeding relationships, center a pedigree network on a maize line, and display the shortest path(s) between two maize lines on the pedigree network.

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For your citations, please use the following reference:
Braun BL, Schott DA, Portwood JL, Andorf, C.M., Sen, TZ, "PedNet: A Web-based Pedigree Viewer for Biological Databases", in preparation.

Caveat: Too much data to load

Data must have a maximum of 1300 nodes and 2750 edges (Got 7466 nodes and 10975 edges). Please filter your results. Note that you can still download the network structure below.

Find Shortest Path

Example: B73 - Mo17

Build a network around a stock

Example: B37

Build a network around the least common ancestor of two stocks

Example: B41, W17


  • Filter to pedigrees from these state(s):
  • Filter to stocks developed by:
  • Filter to stocks available from:
  • Filter to stocks from country:

Adjust Network Appearance

Network Layout:
Node Color:
Line Color:
Node Size:
Node Shape:
Line Thickness:
Please enter a comma-separated list of inbred lines in the form “pedigree, progeny” (one per row), or enter a single stock to build a stock-centric network
Sample network B37-centric pedigree network
Or upload a file (see example)